Getting past into the light

What a shining shimmer the way that apple tree
go ahead! go right on past it on the
path, or is it on our lonely track, or really just a little
go along
we used to punch out through our shadow back to the barn
to find our way

only we don’t care now do we? Look! at its whirling
white explosion
tumbling wild, blistered, bursting out into a blossoming
like some heaven drifting there
do you think we’ll ever get through to it in any other way
the way we are
or touch it?

anyway we go ahead like this, just for this day today, this every always
this one time
this path we’re always walking out but never seeing it true, this never
oh look at it!
white snowshot blazing out right at us, out of every lightbeam
just like

will we ever be able to walk out past it again like this
ever again in spring
ever again
into this spring?

Poetry by William F. Buford
Copyright © 2004-2007 William F. Buford. All Rights Reserved.